Digital OPG Services

This is just a panoramic view through x-ray of the teeth, lower face,, upper and lower jaw in a single shot from which the dentist can analyze the condition of the damaged teeth for the treatment and can view the exact positions of the damaged tooth. It is quite a different view from small close up x-ray where the dentist take this for their knowledge of the patient’s problem whether their teeth yet not surfaced or erupted. It provides complete view of even Jawbone and the joint which connects the jawbone directly to the head which is called as Temporomandibular joint or TMJ which is known even as a syndrome where the wisdom teeth is affected.

Procedure for the Digital OPG

The patients might be asked to get rid of from the Jewellery, eyeglasses, or whatever the metal objects they wear and that might vague the view in x-ray. Patients will be requested to stand according to the machine position where their face will rest on a small shelf and they are requested to bite gently on a sterile mouth piece to steady their head. It is really very important for the patients to stay very still while the x-ray is taken. This procedure is very easy and the patients will not feel any discomfort during this.


Well it is almost a same kind of process where the position of the x-ray is lit bit different from the OPG as here the view of teeth will be lateral or side view x-ray, which will provide the complete view of bones and facial contours in a single image. This kind of x-rays are normally taken for the analysis and treatment of orthodontic problems.


Well, in this process which is very easy for the patients and without any discomfort where they have to remove out their every kind of metal object such as jewellery, eyeglasses or any other which might interrupt in taking the image of the side view. The patients have to stand with their still head against the machine for the adjustment of their comfort. Here the radiographer will place and position a pair of cone shaped plastic in both the ears just like headphones. This is for the alignment and to make it sure that an exact side view of the face can obtained easily

Patients are requested to have an original copy of any previous x-rays with them on the day of their examination.